Pumpkin Seed Oil Health Benefits

Pumpkin seed oil offers plenty of benefits, from better skin to reducing cholesterol levels.

A bottle of pumpkin seed oil and a container of pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seed oil is used for the hair, skin, to that dark green leafy salad and is fast proving to provide a range of thoroughly successful health benefits. Termed pepita, the pumpkin seed is an edible seed from the familiar yellow-orange pumpkin. Pumpkins from the squash, giving a ribbed and smooth outer skin. These seeds are dark green-colored and oval in shape with a white husk shade in its outer part. But did you know? Pumpkins themselves are considered a fruit after being grown as a field crop.

The seeds, particularly pumpkin seed oil, are growing more in popularity due to its high sources of nutrition. With proper extraction processes, the nutrients from the seeds will remain intact, providing good sources of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and antioxidants. You can find a load of health benefits using pumpkin seed oil, whether it is better skin to reducing cholesterol levels. Many researchers highly encourage the consumption of good oils like pumpkin seed oil instead of saturated oils like canola oil or palm oil. In fact, the pumpkin seed oil is important for regular development and nourishment of brain functions, besides the hair and skin benefits. Read more about its best health advantages and take pumpkin seed oil regularly as part of your lifestyle.


Pumpkin Seed Oil: What are its Many Health Benefits? 

A 2008 study revealed that this healthy oil lowers blood pressure with the help of phytoestrogens. In fact, pumpkin seed oil contains essential nutritional properties such as vitamin E, vitamin K,  vitamin A, magnesium, potassium, zinc, as well as omega 6 fatty acids.

Did you know? Just an ounce of the oil already contains over 2mg of zinc. That makes up to 25 percent of our body’s recommended dosage. Imagine if you take it regularly. What benefits to have! All these essential vitamins and minerals work together to boost skin and hair health and even removing acne altogether. Read more of the details.


This healthy oil contains antioxidants and polyunsaturated fatty acids that when combined, provide a deep moisturization process for your skin. More so, the oil retains its hydration, adds to its firmness, slows the aging process, as well as protects your skin from many toxins and stressors in the environment. Additionally, vitamin E and zinc from the seeds work as acne fighters and even prevents scar formation.


Pumpkin seed oil hydrates your hair as good as it moisturizes the other important outer surface, the skin. It protects your hair from outside stressors and protein that damage, while leaving it strong and smooth. The oil from pumpkin seeds also aid in hair growth and keep your hair well-protected by preventing hair loss. In fact, beta-sitosterol, a phytochemical in pumpkin seed oil impedes male pattern baldness from occurring in older people.


Yes, pumpkin seed oil also protects your eyes. When properly extracted, you will get the full benefits of zeaxanthin, a type of antioxidant that shields your eyes blue light and UV rays.


These seeds do not stop at a handful of benefits, the oil stimulates the brain cells too. With high levels of tryptophan, the happy hormone serotonin is produced more abundantly. This leaves you in a better, more peaceful mood. In fact, nutritionists strongly believe in its zinc capacity to boost your immune system and help with the cell division that promotes better concentration and sharper memory.

Additionally, because pumpkin seeds are rich in good fats, your brain becomes fired and will not slacken easily if you have this oil consistently as part of your diet. Toss it with that salad, why not?


This beneficial oil extends to the most important part of the body too: the heart. Pumpkin seed oil contains plenty of phytosterols, the compounds that are helpful in the reduction of bad cholesterol, LDL cholesterol.

Phytosterols aid in lowering bad cholesterol levels because it will not absorb it as well as it does with other more important nutrients.

Digestion and Bladder

If you ate something bad or do not have as a high-functioning digestive tract in the past, the good news is that the good fat content in pumpkin seed oil keeps your digestive tract healthy. Moreover, having the oil promotes better absorption of nutrients in foods you eat.

Irritation of the bladder and incontinence can become a concern from time to time, but fortunately, pumpkin seed oil works to keep the muscles around the bladder strong. This process soothes irritability in the bladder and prevents stress incontinence and prolapses.


Due to its antioxidants and healthy fats, eating pumpkin seed oil supports a healthier liver. This is because you get increased liver lipid peroxidation levels. Take the oil instead of anti-inflammatory drugs.


Even a woman’s menopause is supported by this healthy oil. Vitamin K and vitamin A help in strengthening the bones and preventing any fractures. This greatly helps women during their bone loss during the post-menopausal stage while diminishing joint pain.

In fact, symptoms like insomnia, headaches and hot flashes in menopausal women will be prevented by having pumpkin seed oil as part of their regular diet. It is a good reliever due to its phytoestrogens content. More so, it lowers blood pressure during this heavy phase.


The healthy pumpkin seed oil not only benefits women but men as well. It prevents the enlargement of the prostate in males which is most vulnerable at 60 age and up. In fact, it can reverse symptoms of discomfort for them.

The benefits of pumpkin seed oil are plenty. Whether you are applying to your face or to your skin, or adding it to your salad instead of using oily and fatty sauces, the pumpkin seed oil is a full health advantage pack. You may also buy them as supplements in capsules.

From essential fatty acids that prevent inflammation, natural phytoestrogens which lower blood pressure, to vitamin K and vitamin E’s aid in health and skin moisturization + protection, the pumpkin seed oil is a must in the grocery list, and you will not go back to your old ways of the skin or hair care again!

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